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Reptology Lizard-Lounger Sun-Lover Basking Platform

Reptology Lizard-Lounger Sun-Lover Basking Platform

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Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Loungers take basking to the next level. The Sun-Lover terrarium hammock is made of tough, 100% natural seagrass fiber, hand-woven to provide a sturdy, climbable platform for your pet. Use the included suction cups to mount on any glass or acrylic terrarium wall or window.

  • All natural reptile hammock, hand-woven from tough seagrass fiber
  • Suction cups easily attach to glass or acrylic windows or terrariums
  • Allows basking reptiles to receive the warmth & light they need
  • Great for bearded dragons and other reptiles

Tips: The Sun-Lover basking platform is perfectly sized for bearded dragons, anloes, geckos, small iguanas, hermit crabs, and more. Position on an incline if possible to allow your pet to self-regulate basking temperature. They'll climb as high as they need to!

Overall size: 11"W x 9"H
Basking platform: 5"L x 11"W

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