Cleaning your fish tank can be a messy business, why not have the professionals take care of that for you?

Call to get your free quote or book an appointment with us today!

On the Call

  • Schedule cleaning appointments when it suits you.
  • Health check of water and your fish.

Yearly subscription plan

  • One-month free cleaning on anniversary date and regular health checks of your tank during the year.
  • Priority on scheduling.

 Custom black water aquarium

(above) A 10 gallon blackwater tank for a small group of Dalmation Mollies.

Frogtown owners and staff are licensed and insured to give you the best service possible. With over 10 years of experience, we promise you will be as happy as your fish once they can see you through clean glass. 

What to expect

  • FrogTown will call, message, or email you 24-48 hours in advance to confirm your appointment. 
  • A thorough scrubbing of the glass, hardscapes, substrate and filter media
  • About a 25%-75% water change (as needed)
  • Chemicals as needed to adjust water conditions
  • Water testing and diagnostics to be discussed with client to address any concerns.

(left) A well established bioactive dart frog tank (right) A Fire Belly Toad exploring her enclosure after a refresh on decor.

Pricing made simple

We've chosen to keep our prices simple. All visits are subject to a $20 base rate plus $1 per gallon of all tanks being serviced on that visit. Minimum $50 per visit. We also offer a 10% seniors and military discount for each visit or yearly subscriptions.


(above) A custom 29 gallon tank for a colony of Giant American Millipedes complete will live plants and drip wall.

Custom stand and enclosures

Combining our experience of exotic animals and carpentry, we're happy to offer custom enclosure stands. All stands are custom build to fit your needs and style.

We do setups off all kinds ranging from planted aquariums to bioactive vivariums. If your'e after something a bit simpler but don't want to deal with the hassle of setup we will handle. No project is too small or simple.

(above) A 125 gallon tank with custom stand for a local vet office, Stand is double sided to act as partition wall at entrance. Frogtown built the stand and corner shelf before installing.

Terms & Conditions:

For the safety of FrogTown staff we ask that the cleaning area be cleared of any personal possessions and objects that may cause a tripping hazard.

Please have young children and pets placed in a safe location while our staff is at work.

Client must have running water and operable spigots to get water from, or the owner can supply the water they wish to use during the visit.

When treating saltwater tanks the client must supply the water necessary to properly clean the tank. FrogTown can provide distilled water at the clients cost

FrogTown staff may be in and out of the establishment multiple times throughout their stay. Dirt and other debris may be carried in on their shoes while there.

FrogTown advises against the placement on aqauriums, paludariums or ripariums on carpeted areas due to risk of longterm damage of the carpet or any underlayment. While FrogTown will take every precaution to prevent or clean any spills we are not liable for water damage on any flooring.

FrogTown will not be liable for any destruction, loss of property, or injury if these conditions are not followed.

FrogTown itself and its staff have the right to cancel appointments if terms are not met or if the establishment is too chaotic to work in safely. Appointments may be cancelled/ rescheduled during harsh weather conditions.

By agreeing to our terms, you give us the right to take pictures and video recordings of the aquarium and its surroundings during our visit. These pictures and videos may be placed on social media for advertising and educational purposes at the discretion of the owner of the establishment.

The client has the right to cancel their appointment at any time within the 24-hour period of the scheduled appointment.

Yearly subscription users can cancel their subscription at any time. Money will be refunded for scheduled services not completed.  Months for completed service are non refundable.

Frogtown has the right to deny any service under any conditions or circumstances.