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Lemmy has to be the sweetest Leopard Gecko we’ve ever come across. She will gladly meet you at the door each night waiting for her food. She is very accustomed to being handled and would make someone a great first time reptile.

Lemmy arrived to us on deaths door on Valentines Day of 2024. Since then she’s gone through a lot to get her skin and appetite to the point it is now. She’s even developed a beautiful tangerine pattern at the base of her tail. She will require special attention to make sure she sheds properly and nothing gets caught on her remaining toes.

Species: Leopard Gecko

Morph: unknown

Age: ~2 years old

Sex: female

Minimum tank requirement: 20 gallon long

All reptile and amphibian adoptions will require a screening process to assure animals go home to proper care and enclosures. 

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