About Us

Frogtown is owned and operated by husband-and-wife Phillip and Cheyenne Fitzwater locally in the heart of Delaware. We aim to provide the best quality foods and supplies to our customers and help with the care and health of their pets. It all began with four little fire belly toads given to us by a friend who have become the mascot of Frogtown. From there we grew and our passion for exotic animals widened but the lack of exotic animal supplies was little in the state of Delaware. So, we excitedly decided to start our own business to help our neighbors find food and supplies for their exotic pets. We are constantly growing and so is our inventory! For now, we only have an online store with pick up available at our home, but we strive to one day open our own store and provide even more to both our customers and community.      

Phillip and Cheyenne Fitzwater

In the future we plan to do learning programs for first time exotic pet owners and have lessons to experience these animals and learn about them before bravely becoming an owner themselves. We believe the knowledge provided by larger brands has given false, if not, poor information and we want to correct and show the right way to being a fantastic exotic pet owner. We have many plans for the future, and we hope to provide the best an exotic pet store can provide!